Some of the Best Lotus Cars Ever Produced

Some of the Best Lotus Cars Ever Produced

Lotus has a history of being one of the most reputed automobile manufacturers. Colin Chapman, the founder of the company, is perhaps the most brilliant auto engineers responsible for making some really exciting cars. The company has not only gained some really strong financial results since its inception, but has also contributed towards the creation of some really epic models of sports cars. So, sit back and go through this list of the most popular Lotus car models ever made.

Exige Sport 410: This one is fitted with a recalibrated version of the supercharged Toyota 3.5 litre V6 engine, and it is available in both roadster and coupe configurations. It produces 389hp per tonne of its weight, due to which it becomes one of the lightest V6 Exige ever made. It is light and small and has an incredible mechanical setup that keeps the driver alert and passengers comfortable.

Elan S2:The S2 is an advanced version of Elan S1, which practically had some issues. It is a sports car that has overcome most of the S1 faults. It has been equipped with upgraded interiors and larger disc brakes. It was the first model with S/E package that features deluxe carpet and safety belts. The C Camshaft of the car raised its power to 115hp. The full-width veneer wooden dash, lockable glove compartment, and clustered rear tail lights are some characteristic features of this car.

Elise GT1: With an aim to race in Le Mans, Lotus wanted to enter the racing cars segment with this GT1 model. It featured a production aluminium chassis and a custom carbon fibre body, perfectly designed for racing. It featured a twin turbo 6 litre version of C4 Corvette’s LT5 V8 engine. The Elise range was very popular and many were produced, as such it is easy to find Lotus Elise workshop manuals online.

Sprint: This was the sweetest Elan that had more power, better appointments, and a companion coupe. Lotus released the Spring in 1971 with a big valve cylinder head with attractive paint schemes celebrating Lotus Player F1 success. Tony Rudd developed it in just 10 days, and its 126 bhp produced with D camshaft is worth mentioning. Other notable features include servo-assisted brakes, knock-off wheels, inertial-reel seat belts, nylon pile carpets, a leather cover on the steering wheel.

So, Lotus names mentioned above are a combination of classics as well as something that can lure the youngsters. Elan is undoubtedly the best, but we have made easier for you to decide which version is worth buying. Some lotus models were also very common, as not all were built for high end buyers, as such it is relatively easy to find Lotus service manuals online to maintain and repair these vehicles.