Ways to Ensure the Proper Operation of Your Car

Ways to Ensure the Proper Operation of Your Car

Every car owner knows that a good condition of a car significantly depends on the careful attitude to it. If you  get  Fiat 500 and want it to serve you good, you should take care of it.

Here are some tips on how to ensure the proper care of your car.

Corrosion protection

There is an opinion that in the regions with considerable difference in temperatures and weather conditions (hot summers and extremely cold winters), cars rust and rot more quickly. In fact, this is only partly true. Modern cars have good anti-corrosion protection. However, if you get BMW X which is several years old, it is advisable to apply special anti-corrosion products which protect the paint and metal parts of the car.

Experts say that in regions with high humidity, it is necessary to treat the car with special care products once a year.

Car gaskets sealer

In each car, there is a huge number of sealer-gaskets responsible for the tightness of certain elements. If a leak or even excessive moisture is noticed somewhere, it is necessary to get rid of it.

If you get Fiat 500 or BMW X, have it examined regularly at the service center. If during the inspection the wear of the cylinder head gasket is revealed, this problem should be solved as soon as possible.

Brake system

Ideally, the entire brake system should be checked and almost completely updated once you have covered three hundred thousand kilometers. Once you get Fiat 500, you also need to carry out a full inspection of the brakes every year, especially if you live in a region with a cold climate.

Remember that the brake line constantly interacts with the fluid, thus it is prone to corrosion. In addition, the service life of the entire brake system depends on the style of driving. If you drive aggressively and constantly slam the brakes, the service life of the system will be reduced.


If you feel that the shock absorbers have lost their properties, this is a reason to think about replacing them.

Fluids and filters

Most modern cars require the replacement of engine oil every 15 thousand kilometers. Of course, as soon as you get BMW X, you should not ignore the recommendations of manufacturers on the type of oils. This almost always affects the service life of the engine and gearbox.

The same applies to all other fluids either for power steering, for brake systems or for cooling systems. So, if you get BMW X, you should be aware of the recommendations of the manufacturer when it comes to oil and other fluids.

Cooling system

Overheating of the motor will inevitably reduce the resource of its work and can seriously damage the gaskets, which will not withstand excessive pressure and temperature. Nevertheless, regular diagnostics of the cooling system will save the engine from overheating and costly repairs.

Exhaust system

The most common cause of damage to the exhaust system is rust. If you drive Fiat 500 or BMW X and it produces loud sounds, but there is no strong smell of exhaust gases yet, you have a chance to fix it. Of course, replacing the components of the exhaust system is often an expensive procedure, but it is worth doing it.