3 tips on where to place a subwoofer

3 tips on where to place a subwoofer

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These are a few places where you can place the subwoofer in your car:

  • Trunk

Let us tell you that if your subwoofer requires a direct wire hookup to the receiver then you must have to hide the wire wherever you place the subwoofer. Because wire lying across a floor is easy to step on and over time can damage the wire’s connection between your subwoofer and receiver. Apart from it wire in the open can be a tripping hazard or a chew toy for your pet. So by taking care of all the things the most popular place in the car for putting woofers is the trunk. It also provides more space in the car for more people.

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  • Under the seat

The next place is also very common as it is under the seat. You can easily put in under the seat by yourself or you can take the help of professionals as well. There are a lot of subwoofers specially designed to put under the seat so that you will get a high-quality music experience.

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