5 Best Ways Driving Can Get Eco-Friendly

5 Best Ways Driving Can Get Eco-Friendly

With the ever-increasing fuel price and the alarming threat of global warming, we all are left with the only option to re-think and re-organize our daily commute with more eco-friendly transporting options.

Here we have collected from the Genesis dealer Philadelphia all those options that would reduce the carbon footprint of your vehicle and cause less harm to the environment as well as making it easy for you to deal with the high fuel pricing.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles that got introduced a decade back as an experimental model has now picked up the regular sales rate better than many conventional fuel cars. The latest battery packs are much more efficient than before providing decent ranges at a single full charge. It is a one-time investment with much lesser maintenance cost that would save your money, once you are done with your initial sticker price investment.

Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles are other options of going green on automobile usage. Both give you the benefit of using the power of both electric and fuel powers depending upon the current status of your fuel tank. You can even choose to drive more on electrical power with these plug-in hybrid models and save on fuel.

Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) and Diesel Vehicles

Vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG) imbibe the efficiency of reducing the tailpipe emissions to a remarkable extent. Today you get to see many gasoline-powered vehicles that got converted into a run on compressed natural gas ones with this ability. Diesel cars though not often considered as being green, the latest generation of these diesel vehicles are able to produce fewer tailpipe emissions significantly reducing the rate of carbon dioxide output.

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Eco Boost Engine Powered Vehicles

To contribute to the Green Revolution, more and more automobile manufacturers are investing in producing green cars. Apart from that, to reduce the carbon footprint of their conventional car models, they are upgrading their conventional models with technologies that would make them environment friendly. We have seen Ford launching their EcoBoost engines, which use the turbocharging technology using smaller and fuel-efficient engines to accelerate better without asking for more fuel for the same. Vehicles like Chevrolet Cruze and Dodge Dart too offer similar turbocharged four-cylinder engines that help in achieving better green credits.

Eco Driving Techniques

Even if none of these above-said options is right now an option for you, there are ways in which even you can convert your existing car into a less environment harming demon. All you would need to do is following these below mentioned principles while driving:

  1. Slow down

Decreasing your vehicle speed by 10 mph can make a great difference in fuel efficiency while decreasing its related carbon dioxide output.

  1. Drive Steadily:

Frequent and abrupt acceleration and braking can rapidly waste fuel causing untimely wear to both the components.

  1. Planning Driving Route in Advance:

The experts of the Genesis Philadelphia dealership suggest to consolidate your trips whenever it gets possible.Plan in advance to travel when traffic would be lighter.If your car is equipped with an “ECO” setting, never forget to use it.


Honestly speaking, we all have our own set of options to go green, if we really intend to.