5 Ways to Improve the Horsepower and Torque of a Vehicle

5 Ways to Improve the Horsepower and Torque of a Vehicle

To put it in simple words,a car engine can be described as one big air pump that is made of a series of deliberately-timed combustions tosqueeze in and push out the essential air. It would automatically find ways to move a greater volume of air in and out of the engine what actually worksbehind an increase in horsepower and even the torque. As both the horsepower and torque work as key components in powering a vehicle, trying to increase any or both of these would surely gain you a lot.Here are some ideas that work in making your engine perform at its peak.

  1. Cold Air Intake

As suggested by the Winter Park Hyundai dealer, to upgrade your car to a level of performance, the use of cold air intake has proved to be one of the best possible ways to increase your horsepower, which is affordable at the same time. As the air that enters the engine gets colder, it also becomes denser. Since an engine operates by breathing in air, it would mix it up with fuel and burn the mixture to generate power. Hence, the denser the air becomes — the more power it can produce. Cold air intakes even reduce air flow resistance and the excessive turbulence taking place within the pipes and maintains the airflow into the engine.

  1. Larger-Diameter Throttle Body

In union with the fuel injection system, the throttle body of the car regulates the air flow that enters the engine. This system plays an important role in the vehicle because, like all combustion, as air is required for the engine to create the proper fire, installing a large-diameter throttle body with larger flaps would allow more air to get into the engine. The benefit of a larger throttle body is delivering air at a much higher rate for faster acceleration and simultaneously a surge in the engine power with an increase of 25 hp approximately. In addition to this, by installing a throttle body spacer you can enhance the fuel economy as well as the torque even further.

  1. Exhaust Headers & Manifolds

Meeting the requirements of both emissions and maintaining low production costs limit the ability of the stock exhaust in manifolds to move the air efficiently. This makes the aftermarket exhaust headers find some extra horsepower and increase the level of torque. Both the long-tube and short headers join hands in boostingthe vehicle’s performance. And this is done by moving the air faster more effectively.

  1. High-Flow Catalytic Converter

The High-flow catalytic converters work mostly like the stock unit of a car. A high-flow catalytic is the part that is mainly responsible for reducing emissions faster. Like any other exhaust mods, a high-flow catalytic is primarily focused on increasing the flow capacity of the engine to help it generate more power. and boost both the torque and horsepower.

  1. High-Flow Cat-Back Exhaust System

A cat-back exhaust system in your car, as shown by the Winter Park Hyundai dealer, replaces the restrictive stock muffler and the factory exhaust pipe. When paired with a high-flow catalytic converter from the aftermarket, this superior system becomes potent in increasing both the torque and the airflow to improve the horsepower.