Avoid the Repo guys by getting a PPSR check on the vehicle

Avoid the Repo guys by getting a PPSR check on the vehicle

While buying a pre-owned car might be significantly cheaper compared to buying a brand new one, you might not really be sure whether or not there are issues regarding the vehicle, especially hidden issues. Of course, mechanical issues can be addressed by taking the car on a test drive, going through the paces of every possible thing that might cause an issue or not. The exterior of the car can also be evaluated visually, looking for scratches or dents that might affect your decision about the vehicle.

These kinds of issues can easily be addressed but what about other issues? Especially the hidden ones that the previous owner might have just forgotten to tell you about or intentionally left it out of your transaction, wherein you might find yourself neck deep in trouble a little too late for a refund. This can all be avoided by simply doing a PPSR search on the vehicle you’re planning to buy to find out everything you need to know about it that you can’t directly find.

PPSRs should be standard procedure

Getting a PPSR check on a pre-owned vehicle that’s about to be purchased should well be standard procedure since it lets the potential buyer know all the registered details about the vehicle. Whether the previous owner hasn’t fully paid the outstanding balance from the dealers or the plates don’t match the car or whether the car has gone through a major facelift after it has gotten into a major accident, these details can prove to be important to an individual when buying a pre-owned vehicle, every time.

It might be stolen

You might be wondering why someone is willing to sell you a good looking car that runs smoothly at almost an unbelievably low price which is somehow too good to be true. In any case, it might just be. It might just be a stolen car wherein the perpetrators are looking to dispose of it and make fast cash, at your expense. While you checked out the car as well as the supporting documents inside and it might have seemed legit, documents can always be forged. However, what they cannot forge is the online registry record of the car wherein it can be acquired by requesting a PPSR check from CheckVIN. If the plates do not match the model of the car, then you just might be dealing with a stolen vehicle.

They buy it and let you pay for it

Often times there are people who buy vehicles out of impulse and regret it later when they realize they can’t keep up with the monthly payments for the vehicle which then they will sell it… to you. If you might be interested in their offer, after going through the paces of checking to motor, seeing how it runs, looking at the condition of the exterior and agreeing on a price, you are dead-set on buying the vehicle. But what the previous owner might have left out is that there’s still an outstanding balance to pay for the vehicle and after you have bought it, the previous owner might decide to stop paying the monthly charges for the balance since the car isn’t in his or her possession anymore. Who will the agency go for then? You. Since the deed of ownership is transferred to you, you will be the one the repo guys will go after.

Avoiding hassles such as these is as simple as getting a PPSR check on the car you are looking to purchase. Of course there’s a price to pay but that price may just be well worth it to avoid getting scammed by these types of people.