Benefits of Car Insurance Online

If you are a proud car owner, then you must obtain car insurance online, the very moment you purchase your car. When you have car insurance online by your side, you can lead a stress-free life without fearing about any sudden loss or damage to your car. But, for all those who are not fully aware of the true benefit of having car insurance online, this article will help.

For any car owner, it is essential to have car insurance as per the Indian law. Keeping the legal bindings aside, getting car insurance helps you remain free from worries like sudden mishap, theft, loss, and damage to your vehicle from natural and man-made calamities and so on.

Now, there are ways to get car insurance.

The first one is getting it through an agent which is the traditional way. The second way is to get it online. This is an innovative way which allows you to get your car insurance over a single click. Getting car insurance online has made its way into the life of many as it is easy, cost-effective and saves time as well.

Here is our list of top benefits of getting car insurance online.

  • It saves time: Getting car insurance via the traditional way consumes a lot of time. The procedure is lengthy and detailed, with several official formalities attached to it. With car insurance online, the procedure is relatively short and easy. Car insurance is obtained just after a few online procedures.
  • It saves money: When you are buying car insurance online, you have the liberty to thoroughly compare all the plans available in the market on insurance aggregator websites like In addition, the company usually provides the same plan at affordable rates via online method. As there is less paperwork and no involvement of agents, you can avail a cheaper deal on the same plan.
  • It will help you fetch just the right plan: When you are buying car insurance online, you are your own guide. With all the plans right in front of your eyes, you can easily pick the one which is actually made for you. With buying online, chances are high that you get your customized plan with minimum hassle.
  • You will never miss your premium: With the car insurance online process, you will never miss any important tasks like, paying your premium and renewing the insurance policy. Online car insurance comes with an ardent notification system which keeps you posted about everything.
  • You can calculate your own premium rates: When you register yourself for car insurance online, you will get access to various useful online tools like car insurance premium calculator provided by the insurance company. With their help, you can easily calculate your premium and IDV value offered by the insurer.
  • You are eligible to avail cashless facilities: If you buy car insurance online, then the insurance company provides you with cashless facilities at various services which is not the case with offline car insurance.

In a nutshell, buying car insurance online is indeed a hassle-free and time-saving process.

How Much Should You In Invest In Car Insurance Online

Well, this is the biggest dilemma of every car owner. People find it hard to determine the amount to invest in car insurance. The number of offerings makes it more difficult to come to a decision.

Before investing in car insurance online, you need to pay attention to certain factors.

  • What kind of coverage do you need?

There are basically two types of coverage that your car insurance provides – third-party liability coverage, and comprehensive coverage. Depending upon what kind of coverage you need, your premium is decided.

  • What kind of car do you own?

If you have a mini/compact car, then no point in investing in an insurance policy that is more than the value of your car. On the other hand, if you have a luxury sedan with world-class facilities and design, then it is better to go for a comprehensive insurance policy.

On an average, you should buy car insurance online, which offers fair IDV value for your car. This way you can secure your car.

Get Your Car Insurance Online Now

Getting car insurance online is something that is hassle-free, quick and convenient. With a simple click, you can actually safeguard your vehicle and your life. So, stop wasting time and get your car insurance online now.