Common Mistakes Beginners Make While Learning To Drive

Common Mistakes Beginners Make While Learning To Drive

If you do not make mistakes while learning, you are not learning at all. Mistakes are an essential part of learning and the more mistakes you make the more you learn and become a better driver. Since you are likely to make mistakes while learning to drive, it is important for the instructor to be experienced. He should point out the common mistakes beforehand and be alert to prevent any mishap. One of the reputed driving schools in Birmingham with highly experienced and friendly instructors is Andy1st where you can enroll in courses as per your suitability.

Turning Lanes – Turning lanes is the most difficult part to learn while driving. Once you master that, you qualify to drive a car on the roads. The common mistake most people make while turning lanes is that they do not see what is behind through the mirrors. You should turn the indicator on well before turning to make people aware and check your mirror to be on the safer side. Do not take any assumption.


Competing – When you learn to drive and take your car on the roads, there will be a lot of cars that will instigate you to compete with them at a high speed. You should avoid such instigation because driving at a high speed when you are still a rookie can be dangerous. You will not be able to handle the car at a high speed due to variation in its mechanics and you are likely to bump and cause accidents.

Distractions – Driving a car requires your full attention. If the music is distracting you, turn it off. Keep your phones in driving mode. Do not get distracted by attractive males and females. Do not lose your awareness looking at a luxurious vehicle or store at the roadside. Distractions are the major reason for accidents.

Maintaining Distance – If you are maintaining a wrong distance from the vehicle ahead of you, you are increasing the chances of bumping into it during a sudden stop. Similarly, you should maintain enough distance from the roadside and side vehicles.

Do not use phones while driving. If you are tired, get some refreshments and take some rest before driving. Do not let the kids and the pets free on the car. All these mistakes are briefed beforehand at Andy1st Driving School in Birmingham so that the learners can be aware of them.