Everything You Need To Know About Car Ramps

Everything You Need To Know About Car Ramps

To lift your automobile above the ground, car ramps are a great help. From changing the oil to do little maintenance work, the best car ramp can help you to slide beneath the car. Because it needs to lift the car, the ramp is made from the highest quality material. They ensure your safety by maintaining your car in a steady suspension while you work.

Since the quality of the car ramps can have a direct impact on your safety, you cannot risk investing in a cheap low-quality model. Rather than giving a helping hand, they can cause accidents.

When you consider the potential risks involved and the weight that the car ramps accommodate, you cannot make a wrong decision when you invest in one. Below are a few things you should know before you invest in one.

Weight Capacity

The first and most important thing you need to check is the weight capacity of the car ramp. No matter how many extra features a model may have, if it cannot handle the car’s weight, then it is useless.

The weight which a car ramp can handle gets measured in Gross Vehicle Weight. If this value is high, it means that the ramp can hold more weight.

The weight which a car ramp can handle ranges from 5,000 to 15,000 pounds. Depending on your car’s weight, choose the right one.

Wheel Width & Chock

Generally, sports cars have wide wheels than normal cars. So before you buy a ramp, check the width of the wheels to make sure it works better for you. When you pick a car ramp, you need to select an appropriate wheel chock. This makes sure that the car does not roll down the ramp.

Suppose wheel chocks don’t come with the ramp model, do buy them separately for safety purposes.

Ramp Surface

The available ramp surfaces are serrated and punch-plated. The surface of the ramp is responsible for the traction when you load or off-load the vehicle. Both types are capable of providing great traction, so how much traction you get is mostly dependant on the model type. Check the model before buying it to see whether it can give you enough traction or not.


Though they are not as expensive as modern jack stands, you still need to give a thought about the pricing of the model. You can buy a set of ramps as low as $30, and it can go as high as hundreds of dollars.

If you want a car ramp only for occasional use, it will not make sense to spend a huge fortune on it. But if you want it for commercial purposes, it is a good idea to spend more on high-quality ramps.


Your car servicing and maintenance becomes much easier with car ramps because they create much-required working space. As with any work, safety is the top-most priority. Make sure to select the best one that suits your needs.