Expert rent a car – Many brands and car models for rent

Expert rent a car – Many brands and car models for rent

After searching a lot about the best rent a car companies in the Bucharest, I have found that the Expert rent a car service is the best rent a car service. Because they are offering the best vehicle in low price that no other company can every match.

The basic activity of this company is to offer you services and car rentals in Bucharest at unbeatable prices of the highest quality and to ensure that once you have arrived at the site you won’t even go for the other the services of other car rental companies, and you will also have other opportunities to enjoy the quality and low rates of our services and our car rental company offers.

Brands and car models for rent:

  1. Dacia:

If you are a fan of Dacia and want to rent one of their cars from us, then don’t worry. We have a lot of variety in Dacia. Some of their cars that we have are:

  • Dacia Duster.
  • Dacia Lodgy.
  • Dacia Logan classic.
  • Dacia Logan MCK.
  • Dacia Logan model nou.
  • Dacia Logan 1.6.
  • Dacia Logan 1.4.
  • Dacia Logan pick up.
  1. Renault:

A French multinational company that is changing the future of automobile industry, is Renault. They have a lot of verity in vehicles. Some of them are:

  • Renault Clio 4.
  • Renault Clio estate.
  • Renault Fluence.
  • Renault Symbol.
  • Renault symbol classic.
  1. Citroen:

The one and only car of Citroen available at our store are the Citroen C1. A very beautiful, small, and simple car that you can rent whenever you are at the airport. If you are a small and medium-sized vehicle person then this is a perfect match for you.

  1. Volkswagen:

A German automaker company started in 1937. They have launched numerous vehicles of different designs and models and each one of them is better and beautiful than the previous one. We have these models of Volkswagen:

  • VW UP 1.0.
  • VW Golf 1.9 TDI.
  • VW Passat 2.0 TDI.
  • VW Touareg 2.5 TDI.
  1. Ford:

An American automaker company founded in 1906 by Henry Ford. Company’s history is filled with lots of memorable and glorious moments. They have launched a lot of Ford models and all of them did better than the previous model. We have two models of Ford and they are:

  • Ford Fiesta.
  • Ford Focus.
  1. Chevrolet:

Another American automobile company with a remarkable career and market. Its headquarters is in Detroit, Michigan, United States. It was founded in 1911. They have launched countless models and many of them did give BMW, Mercedes, and Audi a shock and of course affected their market value and strength. We have these two models of Chevrolet available for you.

  • Chevrolet Spark no model.
  • Chevrolet Spark.
  1. Daewoo:

A South Korean trading and automobile company with a vastly spread business all around the globe. We have there one vehicle available and that is:

  • Daewoo Matiz.
  1. Hyundai:

Another automotive manicuring company from South Korea and was founded in 1967. We have just one model of Hyundai is available and that is:

  • Hyundai Accent.

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