How to Make Your Used Car Last Longer

How to Make Your Used Car Last Longer

Purchasing a used car can be a great way to save money on your next vehicle. However, it is important to take care of your used car to make it last as long as possible. In this article, we will discuss 10 ways to make your used car last longer.

  1. Change the Oil Regularly:

One of the most important things you can do to prolong the life of your car is to change the oil regularly. Depending on the make and model of your car, you should change the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

  1. Check the Tire Pressure:

Proper tire pressure is essential for both the safety and longevity of your car. Be sure to check the tire pressure regularly and fill the tires as needed.

  1. Rotate the Tires:

To prevent uneven wear and tear, it is important to rotate your car’s tires regularly. Most mechanics recommend rotating the tires every 5,000 miles.

  1. Clean the Exterior:

Keeping your car clean both inside and out can help to prevent rust and other damage. Wash the exterior of your car regularly and vacuum the interior to remove dirt and debris.

  1. Wax the Exterior:

In addition to washing your car, it is also important to wax the exterior regularly. This will help to protect the paint and prevent rust. Wax your car about once a month to protect it from the elements and keep it looking new. You should not have a lot of heavy items on your keychain. Too many items on your keychain can weigh down your car’s ignition. Heavy keys become sticky keys which lead to tumbler replacement.

  1. Check the Fluids:

Another important maintenance task is to check the levels of all the fluids in your used cars in glendale. This includes the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid.

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  1. Replace the Filters:

Over time, the filters in your car will become dirty and need to be replaced. Be sure to replace the air filter, fuel filter, and cabin filter as needed.

  1. Inspect the Brakes:

The brakes are one of the most important safety features of your car. Be sure to have the brakes inspected regularly and replace the pads as needed. When the brake pads get too thin, they make a high-pitched squeal when you step on the brakes. If this squeal continues, you could be damaging the brake rotors. This could be dangerous, so get your brakes checked right away.

  1. Get Regular Tune-ups:

To keep your car running properly, it is important to get regular tune-ups. Most mechanics recommend getting a tune-up every 10,000 miles.

  1. Drive Carefully:

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your car is to drive carefully. Avoiding accidents and excessive wear and tear will help to keep your car in good condition.


There are aftermarket parts that are often identical to original equipment components but at a much lower price. You can easily find an auto mechanic that is good if you get referred to them. Ask around for their recommendations. You can gain information about price and level of quality.