How Windscreen Repair Works and How to Do It Yourself

How Windscreen Repair Works and How to Do It Yourself

Chipped or small crack windscreen repair is a piece of work that should be handled by an expert. Expertise ensures the repair job is done perfectly and will remain intact unless it’s damaged again.

If you have every considered doing this job yourself you will be happy to know, now you can. Small chip repairs do not require a lot of time to be fixed considering that modern technology has changed how things are done nowadays.

Why is it Easy for an Expert to Repair a Windscreen?

It’s easy for them and besides being experienced in what they do; modern technology has made it easy for them. Again, the repair is easy since the small impacts that lead to chips will damage the outer layer of the glass only. There are actually two layers that are joined together with a rubber membrane. This is what prevents the glass from shattering when there is a huge impact.

To DIY, First You Need a Windscreen Repair Kit

Repairing your own windscreen has become easier with the availability of windscreen crack repair kits. It’s also good since there are many auto stores out there and online shops where you can get these kits at an affordable cost. They are well-equipped to ensure that you will not miss any tool for the repair.

Start by Drying the Windscreen

You have to dry the windscreen to eliminate any moisture that maybe on the window. It is not advisable to do the repair on a wet day as it should always be at normal temperature. The surface should also be prepared well through cleaning to remove dirt and debris. There are fluids that are specifically made for this purpose.

Windscreen RepairApply the Adhesive

The next step is to peel off one side of the adhesive strip and put it over the chip or crack. This should be burnished using your finger or blunt object. This is to ensure that it is in place.

Once you peel off the remaining part of the adhesive, you should then orient it in a way that it’s vertical before sticking it to the film. Burnish just like you did in the first step.

The last step is to attach the syringe to the adapter and suck in the air in the crack. Doing this for a minute will see the air eliminated and the chip or crack will close in.

You can repair your windscreen yourself but you have to learn how to do it safely. Follow the right procedure of drying the windscreen, cleaning the surface and applying the adhesive. And always read the specific instructions of the kit that you purchased just to make sure you follow their procedures exactly to ensure best outcomes.