Interesting things about Apple carplay

Interesting things about Apple carplay

Apple carplay is an interesting standard through which one can control the iPhone apps while they are in driving. Even though the Apple carplay is getting popular in the market, many people are not aware of them in better. To reveal the fact, even the users are not aware of some interesting factor about this Apple standard. In this article, some of the most interesting factors about the Apple carplay are revealed. This would bring a great excitement for the users and astonishment for the beginners.

Auto companies

Right from the launch of carplay many auto companies are showing interest in using them. It is to be notes that Apple carplay cannot be used in all the cars. However, there are about 500 models of cars in which they can be used without any constraint. After the launch of carplay many auto companies are planning to make the design according to it. Especially the companies like Ford, BMW, Suzuki and Land Rover are showing more attention towards these features. They are planning a make a debut model which can bring a drastic change over to the growth of the company.

Enhanced safety

According to the recent survey, many accidents in the recent days are happening just because of using mobile phones while driving. Even though this is harmful, the users may be in need to use their mobile for various reasons while driving the car. It may be for navigation or they might be in need to send texts immediately or there may be any other emergency situation. In such case, they must also ensure their level of safety to a greater extent. By using Apple Carplay they can handle all these processes without touching the phone. Thus, the safety aspects of the driver can be ensured to a greater extent.

Option Siri

This is an option in Apple Carplay through which the texts and other access to the apps can be done without touching the phone. Through dictating the commands the users can get all they are in need of. Thus, without touching the phone, the users can get their job done without affecting their driving at any extent. In case, if the users are in need to stop the function of carplay, they can disable it. The following link can help out the people who are not aware of these factors. Several methods for turning off the carplay are revealed here.