Latest News on Hyundai NEXO

Latest News on Hyundai NEXO

Hyundai has created its flagship model NEXO, that iswholly dedicated to be a fuel cell electric vehicle, to achieve a greener,pollution free, cleaner andconnected tomorrow. This is going to be counted among those vehicles that save the environment, while liberating the consumers from all possible constraints. But Hyundai did have the ambition of creating a long-lasting impression on people with this new NEXO that will be able to move without making any sound or leaving any harmful emissions in the atmosphere. The philosophy behind the creation of NEXO is simple. That is everything found good in the NEXO is “because of you”.

Because of Femita.

At Riverside Hyundai, the experts shared with us the truth that the other driving force behind making the new NEXO contributing towards making a better tomorrow is people like Femita. As Hyundai explains, the next NEXO is going to produce zero emissions, in order to purifythe air against the conventional way of cars that are still not able to restrain themselves from polluting it. This will leave people likeFemitato roam free while they will be able to focus on making their tomorrowbetter breathing life fresher than ever.

Green Technology in NEXO

Running on Hydrogen power, NEXO would be showing the way to future in terms of fueling the vehicles. In Hyundai they believe in hydrogen energy which can play the key role in building a more sustainable future for allof us, as NEXO will be emitting only water. Yes, you heard it right. It will emit only pure and clean water.


The hydrogen fuel cell engine in NEXO will generate electricity by blending oxygen with a certain amount of compressed hydrogen and tis will create a good flow of electrons. That’s how this intuitive system will be able to exhale only clean water.

A Futuristic Exterior

The Hyundai NEXO will take a bold step towards making a better future in terms of the way we use transportation. Even the exterior will contribute in making this possible. The very design Hyundai assigned to it reflects this. It is the streamlined body frame with sublimely futuristic curves and stretches that will make you take a look at the tomorrow, just today.

You can see the Horizon positioning of the LED lamp, Split-type composite light,the Auto flush door handle, the D-pillar air tunnel, Wide sunroof, Power tailgate, Hidden rear wiper and the LED rear combination lamp that makes the NEXO simply a head-turner.

A Snugly Interior

At the Hyundai Riverside we observed that the interior of NEXO matches well with the exterior that again is built up on the same philosophy keeping people at the center of everything. The NEXO cabin undeniably looks extremely stylish while all its features are dedicated to be highly functional that also makes sure of your safety. All the controls are gathered at the center console so that one doesn’t have to adjust any setting taking his eyes off the road. The cabin also provides a sprawling spacious seating and trunk space to make you feel at home. The front ventilated and heated seat keeps you warm and cozy while the KRELL premium sound plays your favorite track really well.