Mitsubishi Twin Clutch SST and Heel and Toe Downshifting: Driving Technical Vehicle

Mitsubishi Twin Clutch SST and Heel and Toe Downshifting: Driving Technical Vehicle

Mitsubishi twin clutch SST is for technical race driving that is rarely heard by the average person. It can only be done in a manual transmission vehicle. Implies the driver rotates the engine speed in neutral while moving the gear to allow for easy repositioning and less stress on the synchronizers. Proper Mitsubishi twin clutch SST increases the longevity of synchronizers.

When you put a car in a lower speed, in the dual-clutch, the driver and the passengers perceive a maximum sensation when the gear engages. Often, it is sloppy. When double clutching, the driver pushes the clutch with the left foot, but not immediately puts the gearshift lever in the lower gear. Instead they put the stick in neutral for a fraction of a second (the movements are faster when you practice a lot), released the clutch pedal and accelerated the engine by pressing the accelerator pedal with the right foot. While the engine speed is temporarily increasing, the driver presses the clutch again and moves to the lowest speed as fast as possible.

This accommodates for the highest number of engine revolutions, when the vehicle is put at a lower speed. There is little or no stress felt when reducing gears with this method. The faster you are going on each gear before reducing gears (which are already the highest engine regimen), the more gas you will have to give the car in neutral in order to ensure the game accelerates. On the other hand, if you are slowly cruising at 4th gear and want to double clutch on the 3rd before windiest part of the road, you would just have to give a small blip on the throttle.

Take your time and do not make sudden movements

Correct climbing can only be bought with a lot of practice. Be careful not to damage the clutch or gears to be too rough. It’s just to be gentle and calm with your shifting-up-shifting too!

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After a lot of practice (and it takes a lot of practice), dual clutch feels natural, and the driver can easily combine the engine’s lower gear rotation without thinking much. When double clutching becomes habitual, a driver will never go back to the standard climbing method. Dual clutch is long, even if it feels very uncomfortable at first.