Safety Tips while Selling Your Honda Car

Safety Tips while Selling Your Honda Car

Selling a car like Honda, though seems easy, could come with some hidden risks. To avoid such untoward incidents, the sellers need to be a bit careful following a few rules. Selling a car is no way a cheap deal. It is a lifetime asset that people cannot throw away and not everyone can afford to buy. Car fraud is a common crime, and it takes place more often during incidents like a car selling transaction.

So, keep few things in mind to ensure personal safety and fraud prevention while heading towards selling off your car to the potential buyers.

Screening the Enquiries

In todays age of internet, it isn’t a difficult task to find out the identity of an individual who is showing interest in buying your car.

The experts from Plainfield Honda dealership shared their car fraud prevention tips,

According to them the seller needs to verify the prospective buyer’s name, address, phone number, and their social media profiles if possible. This would guard the sellers initially from falling into wrong hands.

Being Protective About Your Own Personal Information

Not all fraudsters are aiming at your vehicle. Some might be looking for other information and assets of yours. You need not furnish any of your personal information, until you are receiving them. Keep your children and family out of the scene to be on the safe side.

Make sure not to bring unknown people inside the house, they have nothing to do with your family and house to keep your family members safe from vindictive strangers.

Stay Away fromAggressive Buyers

There could be some potential buyers who starts dominating the conversation from the beginning, putting your side of the story down. Stay away from such people, as they know the trick to rule while finalising the deal and leave you feel dissatisfied at the end.

While Meeting the Buyer in Person

Make sure to meet every prospective buyer in a public place.Don’t go to meet the strangers alone. Take a friend or a relative with you and take them along with you for the test drive. Pre-plan the test driving route for a rough estimated time of 15 to 20 minutes and do not agree to go anywhere beyond your known localities.

Check These Issues before Agreeing for a Test Drive

If you are chatting online or having a telephonic conversation during fixing up a meeting date and a test drive, ask about who would be coming for the test drive and insist on sending you a copy of the driving license through email. If the buying person is not the same with whom you’re speaking with, step back.

If some more people show up for the test drive, do not agree or handover the key.

Fraud Prevention

Once you are done with the test drive it is time to negotiate the price and in sequence finalize the transaction. To avoid any car fraud, make sure to secure the payment before signing the title.If they issue a check or money order, wait for it to be encashed before you transfer the ownership.According to the Honda dealer Plainfield, one should never agree to any payment plans.

Solution in Case of a Fraud

Fraudsters are sometimes cleverenough to bypass every precautionary measure. In such case lodge a complaint in the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Centre.