The Best Auto Detailing Products For the Car Enthusiast

The Best Auto Detailing Products For the Car Enthusiast

In most cases, it is sufficient to wash the machine once a month, although it is recommended once every two weeks if it is exposed to adverse environmental conditions. But we know that there are those who love automotive parts. You are there every weekend, clean, polish and polish until the shine of your finish is visible from space. You have taken the car vacuum to the floorboards many times, the carpet rises like the hair of one of these crazy troll dolls. Therefore, to facilitate your work, we offer the following product recommendations.

First, the main rule of automatic maintenance: 

Everything that comes in contact with your paint should be smooth. Scratches are the number one enemy in car finishes because they accumulate dirt, dust and other loose particles, creating a sandpaper-like surface when something rubs them.

Car wax 

Car wax is an indispensable thing to protect your car from elements, both from rain and shine, as well as from insects and bird droppings. Its main function is to preserve the paint, giving it shine and depth, helping the finish retain certain oils, reducing oxidation.

Car polishing in Raleigh Durham is another useful element that restores shine, removes dirt and replaces valuable oils by leveling the surface of the paint. Most varnish is actually a mild abrasive, and some even use a chemical reaction. Therefore, use them in small quantities and polish them carefully. And, of course, don’t forget to use non-abrasive polishing pads.

Raleigh Durham

There are two types of wheels: 

Painted and unpainted. Although each of them requires a separate product for cleaning, they both have one thing in common: brake dust. The brake dust is a gray-black dirt that covers the outside of the wheel and makes them opaque and dirty.

When you spray tires; Spray vigorously inside the wheelhouse where dirt tends to water. Continue spraying the bottom of the car as much as possible and take care that no water enters the exhaust pipe. Believe it or not, there was a case in which a guy put a hose on his silencer to clean it due to the accumulation of soot around the tip. It ended up costing him a new exhaust system.

It’s time to dry your car. Use a microfiber cloth because it absorbs water quite well. Start drying by removing excess water from top to bottom, which resembles a straight line. After each sweep, drain the cloth and repeat until all excess water has been removed. Dry with ascending and descending movements and gradually the moisture will disappear from the surface. Open the chest, hood and all doors to dry the interior and leave it open to air dry. Wash the fabric and finish drying the windows. Now back off and admire your freshly washed machine.