The Best Used Jeep to Buy Under $10,000 that Make You Smart

The Best Used Jeep to Buy Under $10,000 that Make You Smart

A jeep is a jeep – there are no two ways about it. The Jeep bloodline is thick with dependability, longevity, and popularity, whether it’s a brand-new model fresh off the line or a decades-old warhorse making its final stand. As a result, if you’re looking for custom jeeps for sale in Fullerton, it may be time to consider purchasing an excellent used Jeep model instead.

These are some of the best-used Jeep models from recent years that won’t break at less than $10,000. Keep these amazing models in mind for what could be your next vehicle the next time you’re looking for¬†Custom Jeeps for sale in Fullerton. It’s easy to see why Jeep has such a large brand following. Jeep is an American icon known for its adventurous SUVs and military roots, which continue to influence every aspect of the brand to this day.

Jeep Liberty (2008-2013)

The Jeep Liberty replaced the long-running Cherokee for the 2002 model year. Buyers will currently find a 2008-2013 Cherokee from the vehicle’s second generation for about $10,000 on Autotrader, and there are currently close to 800 listed that meet the criteria.

Although the first-generation Liberty had a diesel engine, the second-generation Liberty only had one engine option: a 3.7-liter V6. A 6-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission was available. The Liberty had a special feature called the “Sky Slider” fabric roof, which was similar to a canvas, panoramic sunroof that opened over the first and second rows of seats.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2008-2010

The Grand Cherokee is one of Jeep’s most powerful models. When shopping for a Cherokee, buyers have a range of engines to choose from, including 6- and 8-cylinder engines. Higher-mileage Grand Cherokees from the new generation, which went on sale for the 2011 model year, can get one for about $10,000, but the majority of these are well-worn 2-wheel-drive only versions. The majority of the $10,000 Grand Cherokees on the market are from the model’s third generation, which lasted from 2005 to 2010.

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Jeep Commander 2007-2010

There’s a brand-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L with three rows of seating on the way, but if you’re looking for a three-row Jeep on a budget, look into a used Jeep Commander. The Commander was a family-friendly Jeep with good off-road capability and a Hemi V8 engine that could be ordered.

 Jeep Patriot 2011-2017

The Jeep Patriot is mechanically identical to the Jeep Compass, but the jeep look is more conventional. The boxy Patriot has several benefits of a compact hatchback, such as good fuel economy and simple drivability, while also maintaining authentic Jeep characters, such as good off-road capability and distinct styling.

Jeep Renegade 2015-2017

The Jeep Renegade subcompact SUV is small but robust. Its boxy profile provides plenty of interior space for its class, and its off-road capabilities are unrivaled. On the road, it offers a balanced ride and handling, making it a versatile crossover. A bright color scheme adds to the Renegade’s eccentric personality.

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