Things You Should Know Before You Ship Your Car

Things You Should Know Before You Ship Your Car

If you’re too lazy to drive your car across the United States then the best option you have is to ship it. Yes, there’s a car shipping carrier services across the United States which its main purpose is to provide convenience to car owners who can’t sustain driving across the country.

However, not all car shipping carrier services that you’ve come across won’t live up to your expectations that is why you should proactively keep in mind to hire only the most reliable among those offer this kind of service. In this article provided by Nationwide Auto Transportation; a leader in freight services and car shipping carrier services in the United States will provide you with the things you must know before you decide to ship a car.

Take time to read because for sure this will help you in the future if you’re planning to move to another place.

  • Determine your method of shipment- When you decide to ship your car, you can actually choose different types of shipment method. You can either             choose an open or an enclosed trailer to transport it. An open   trailer is actually cheaper but for obvious reasons, you just             exposed your car for potential damages that it might get while           traveling compared to an enclosed trailer where it is protected from           all azards. Enclosed trailer transport is relatively expensive            compared to an open trailer but your car is completely safe inside. Make sure that your car is strapped with nylon straps instead of        chains and make sure your car is completely tucked in and locked to         the trailer so that it won’t be dislodged while it is being

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  • Conduct a research first- It is important to list down your potential car shipping carrier services near you. In this way, you can narrow it     down to one that best fits your needs. Always remember that your car             faces a lot of risks while it is being transported so make sure that you’re hiring the trusted carrier services. You can also ask       referrals from friends, family or colleagues or read reviews online.
  • Don’t make a deal with a transport broker- This kind of brokers opened up         a bid for the shipment of your car to different shipping companies.     With this kind of method, you are left with the uncertainty that the       winning bidder can provide you a good service. Make sure that the            carrier service you are planning to hire doesn’t require any brokers             at their disposal.
  • Don’t give a deposit- It is considered a red flag if the carrier service        requires you to give a deposit before they even transport your car.             Reputable carrier service does not require their customers to pay      for a deposit but instead, they will request you for a payment when           your car is ready for pick up.
  • Don’t settle for a cheaper service rate- You should never base your         decision according to the carrier service’s price and rates. You             should always put in mind that in the vehicle industry, the quality   is always a priority compared to quantity so the more expensive the             carrier service asks you, the better you are ensured that your car             will be brought back to you in one piece and most of all undamaged. A reliable carrier service will always ask a higher service rate           from you because of the equipment and the quality of service they     provide for you.