What Makes the 2019 Genesis G80 a Winner

What Makes the 2019 Genesis G80 a Winner

If you are looking for a luxury sedan that has won the battle of providing its consumers an unbeatable value, rich with luxury-trimmed cabin equipped with high-tech infotainment system while the standard of safety features takes care of all the hazards to deliver a creamy ride, it is the 2019 Genesis G80.

As per the Conshohocken Genesis dealer, when Genesis branched out of Hyundai to focus on the luxury elements over the rough-road rugged performance, it launched a handful models that ensure every ride in them will be buttery smooth with every possible creature comfort be there maintaining the highest standard. One of such models is the new 2019 Genesis G80 that has many reasons to steal the show and win your heart.

Power Performance

Riding on a regular unleaded 3.8 liter V-6 engine, the 2019 Genesis G80 comes under the category of large cars that has been configured as RWD. With a passenger capacity of 5 passengers, this 4 door passenger car hinges up to an 8-Speed Electronic Automatic transmission with a SHIFTRONIC feature of manual shift mode and efficient paddle shifters.

Genesis G80

With this line of powertrain, the 2019 Genesis G80 took only 4.9-second to pick up a speed of 60-mph from a dead stop which was much ahead of many of its rivals in the segment.

As per the EPA count, the 2019 G80 scored 26-mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highways and that was quite impressive for this big a car.

Overall the ride in the 2019 Genesis G80 stay poised and finely tuned for ultimate comfort. The well damped suspension was able to provide a relaxed ride soaking up almost every road imperfection with equal efficiency.

The body motions were never out of control, while an exclusive adaptive suspension successfully increases the damping force especially when it was time for a patch of aggressive driving that didn’t need to sacrifice the cruising comfort even for a while.

Creature Comfort

As a luxury sedan from a brand known for its elite class, the 2019 Genesis G80 earned accolades from buyers across the globe for making the cabin a spacious retiring room with softly cushioned front and back seats, while the standard infotainment features take good care of the occupants with quality entertainment programs.

The outward visibility is appreciable, because of the large windows while the abundance of head and legroom is enough for stretching out during long-hours journey.

All G80 trim models are equally equipped with latest connectivity features, that has been of late upgraded into a 9.2-inch touchscreen infotainment display with a relatively intuitive interface. The Navigation is standard, in tune with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

Safety Standards

Genesis knows it well, that luxury can only be attained, if a drive can be assured to be worry-free. For this it has installed a lengthy list of driver-assistance and safety features that include:

Automated emergency braking,adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist which is made Standard on all trims.

The Bottom Line

As gathered from the Genesis dealer Conshohocken, these were reasons enough to win the hearts of people who found it difficult to gather all these goodies under the same roof within an affordable price range.