When to Replace the Headlights of Your Car: A Complete Guide

When to Replace the Headlights of Your Car: A Complete Guide

Headlights are the most effective part of the automotive after the engine. People fail to realize the importance of headlights until they are face the consequences. The passengers face numerous problems when the road is unclear this is the reason why drivers face accidents and endanger the life of the fellow passengers. Hence it is recommended by Ontario VW to keep the headlights in check before going out for a journey.

Need for replacement

It is a common phenomenon that a burned and dimmed out headlight needs replacement as soon as possible. Since a dimmed headlight makes the road unclear for the driver and makes the life of the passenger subjected to risk. , over not fixing the headlight could urge rage from the local authorities. Plenty of options are available when it comes to headlights. Simply replacing the traditional headlights to a halogen one would give the vehicle an enhanced 30% extra brightness and provide 20 % road visibility.

Time of replacement

Knowing the time for replacement of the headlight is one of the most important reasons for the vehicular safety. Abiding the rule of the thumb it is said that if one light is dimmed or burned out, it is only a matter of time that the other will get damaged within no time. Replacing the all the headlights will guarantee a complete security of the automotive. However, if the person is confused about replacing the headlight then the individual should consult owner’s manual to suit his specific needs.


Vehicles are made with the standard headlight. One of the most common headlights in an automotive is halogen. Other common types include led halogen and xenon

  • LED: These are commonly known as light emitting Diodes. Highlighting features include less power consumption, cooler than halogen lights and long-lasting capacity. The only demerit of this headlight that they are expensive.
  • Halogen: halogen lights are made with the mix of tungsten halogen mixed with halogen gas which provides more brightness than conventional lights
  • Xenon: These are known as high-intensity headlights and prohibit the use heated filament. They have a low operating temperature and have much more brightness. The only con of this headlight is that they are expensive and would require professional installation.

Finding the suitable headlight

If the customer is confused about which headlight to choose from then the individual should check the owner’s manual to find the appropriate headlight for his automotive. The three main assets for selecting headlights are whiteness, brightness, and price. Nowadays Halogen lights come in the standard for all vehicles but drivers are shifting xenon headlights for improved vision. The reason for this shift predicted by Ontario VW dealership is that xenon lights have a distinctive glow.

The glow is of the color bluish white who provides the customers with ultimate visibility and luxury. Though this glow is expensive and can burn a few bucks from the owner’s pocket it is surely worth the time and purchase. Moreover, it is recommended that the change in