When to tell if your windshield should be replaced or needs to be fixed? Find out here

When to tell if your windshield should be replaced or needs to be fixed? Find out here

There are just instances that we cannot avoid particularly when our windshield gets cracked or chipped due to some unforeseen circumstances and when this unfortunate time comes, we can only think of two things, whether to repair it or to replace it.

Regardless of how much you take care of your car’s windshield, there are just instances that it will get busted because of its main purpose which is to keep us safe inside our cars so it is inevitable that it will suffer some damage either from man or from nature.

If you want to determine whether or not it would better off to repair it or completely replace it with a new one, you should consider some factors before you make your decision. You should always consider the impact of the damage that your windshield sustained first by making a short assessment whether or not you can still visibly see the road from the driver seat so that you can make a good decision if it is time to say goodbye to your old and broken windshield and replace it with a new one.

The most important consideration that you should make must be your ability to drive safely despite the damage that your windshield has sustained before you determine the best solution to this problem.

You might be thinking right now about the best way to fix your windshield, well, it can be very difficult to make the right decision in order for you to choose between fixing it or replacing it, but to give you a clearer decision about this matter, we will give you a quick guide in determining the best course of action for your broken windshield.


-fixing the damage will not create any reduction to the safety of the car in case of an impact or a collision on the road.

-the crack is not that large or shorter than one whole ruler or the chip smaller than an inch.

-The outer layer glass damaged and not the inner part of it.

-The chip or crack is not that relatively visible or is located in the outer margin of your windshield.


-The windshield sustained damage that it reaches the point that it affects the driver’s visibility on the road.

-The crack is longer than an entire ruler or the chip is bigger than an inch.

-If the glass sustained damage that reached its inner layer.

-If the damage reaches to the corner or the edge of your windshield.

To ensure that you will drive safely and free from hazards, you should consider some factors.

SAFETY- This is the most important concern for any motorist on the road, that is why if you have a broken or chipped windshield, repairing it or replacing it should be your priority first before you take it on a drive, especially if you are carrying a passenger.

VISION-Driving blind on the road will not just harm yourself and get you in an accident but also this will affect your fellow motorists, pedestrians, structures, and your passengers. If you cannot see the road clearly from your driver’s seat, you should talk to an auto-glass specialist to determine if it is needed to be fixed or to be replaced.

DIMENSIONS- In terms of the repair of your windshield, you should include dimensions as part of your consideration because there are various types and sizes of windshields that might not fit or compatible for your car and this could lead to even greater damage in the long run. The dimension of your windshield will also determine whether or not it can be fixed or should be replaced. To find out more regarding this matter, click on this link http://www.auto-glass-specialist.com/.