Top 5 cars you can buy under 5 lakhs

Top 5 cars you can buy under 5 lakhs

New Title: Five Most Favorable In Pocket Cars under 5 Lakhs

Whenever there is talk about buying a car, the most debatable thing to consider is the price which sometimes let us postpone the plan. But now it’s not the case as the manufacturers have come up with some most affordable plans for you. Your wish to buy a dream car will not be shuffled this time. Below I am specifying five highly recommended cars under 5 lakhs from which you can choose one to take away home.

  1. Take Away the Best Budget Tata Nano

The car is an absolute example of buying a mix of style and reliability. Considering the price of this sweet car is between 2.44 to 3.41 lakhs. Its mileage is 22 km/l with 6 upgraded versions available in India. It is among the best cars under 5 lakhs with 2 cylinder MPFI petrol engine. All this come with 624 cc power with the five-speed automated manual transmission. The highest power is 38 BPH with 51NM torque.

  1. Bolder than Ever Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

The car is much appreciated by the users for its comfort and affordable terms. It carries the dream of numerous people who want to initiate the first journey with a car. It comes up in the cars under 5 lakhs category with the price starting from 3.42 to 4. 28 lakhs. The approximate mileage range is from 24 to 32 km/l. The petrol engine has 67 bhp with 90NM of peak torque.


  1. Grab the car with Comfort at its Best- Maruti Omini:

The Maruti’s four-wheeler Omini is worth purchasing as the company is providing enough range of auto products to satisfy Indian customers for many decades. Maruti Omini is one of the best cars under 5 lakhs considering the durability and reliability. It can be your next dream car too. The mileage is in between 16.8 km/l and also with 796cc engine and manual transmission.

  1. Amaze Others with the Most Stunning model of Tata Bolt

It is an amazing car with easy driving features to make your drive more comfortable. The model is designed with a sporty look with an engine capacity of 1193 cc in petrol and 1248 cc in diesel. Maximum power per 5000 rpm is 90PS and for diesel its 75PS at 4000 rpm. The multi-drive mode car has a manual transmission with 210 litres of boot space. The basic model is at the cost of 4.98 lakhs. You will feel like worth spending after purchasing one of the unique cars under 5 lakhs.

  1. Hyundai Santro with Worthy and Adequate Features

The Santro is car of the people and also an appropriate option for cars under 5 lakhs. The price is from 3.9 lakhs to 5.65 lakhs and also comes with manual and automatic transmission. The power is 69PS with 99.04NM torque. The mileage is somewhat eye opening, between 20.3 km/ Liter to 30.48 km/l.